Fashionable, functional accessories for the hip dog owner.

It all started in the Spring of 2018

when Founder Whitney Beauchamp dropped her fluffy Pomeranian pup, Rocky, off at doggy day care. She watched the pure love that each owner had for their dog, as if they were their children. More importantly she realized a difference between a people parent, and a dog parent. As a people parent you are always prepared with the essentials you need for a child, all contained in a handy diaper bag. But for a dog parent, nothing of the like existed. That is when the Pupper Pack was created. A solution to having all your dog’s basics with you when you are on the go.

Founders Whitney and Peter

believe in dogs being with their humans as much as possible and cared for as if they were our own fur children. Whether it is on a day trip, a visit to a friend or family’s house, or maybe even doggy day care. humBOLD was created to maximize dog and human time together, and having everything you need within arms reach.

Our values

At humBOLD we understand that dogs are emotional beings and all they want is to be with their humans. So as owners, we often sacrifice our own needs and prioritize the well being of our pups. But what if you could have both yours and your dogs needs met with ease?

We believe in originality and BOLD expression, as well as functionality. The products you buy and use often define a part of who you are. We strive to create practical, yet unique accessories to keep you connected with your dog when you are on-the-go. In addition, we know how lucky our fur babies are to be with us in loving homes, but that’s not the case for all dogs around the world. It is our mission to do what we can to help dogs that are less fortunate than our own, and donate a portion of our proceeds to local dog rescues to help less fortunate dogs find a happy home.  

Who We're Here For

Those who are humbled by the fact that you have an animal that would do anything for you.

Those who would gladly return the favor.

Those who live with BOLD expression.

Those who understand that dogs bring us together and make use better humans.